About Us

We’re All about having Fun with Art!

Our goal is to make everyone feel welcome and special and challenge them to release their inner artist. We’ve succeeded if you create art work that is as original as you are!




kate cartmell

Kate Cartmell

Kate is an occasional teacher with the Waterloo school board and specializes in Art, English and Literacy. She believes that art provides the perfect outlet for creative expression and communication across all boundaries. Creating art encourages children to be adventurous in a safe environment, allowing them to ask questions and to experiment while trying to find those answers for themselves. Kate believes that creativity is an asset that needs to be encouraged and nurtured and that the creation and study of art is the ideal way to accomplish this.



Take a Peak at our Studio

Here are some images of our studio. As you can see, we are completely focused on providing a safe environment for our customers to express themselves. You can click on the image to view it full size.