Custom Firing

kilnWe offer custom firing of greenware pieces from other studios, and artist pieces made from clay. Options include firing by the piece, shelf or by the kiln load.

By the piece is $10.00 which also includes glaze

By the shelf 27” (up to 12” in height): Greenware to Bisque Cone 04 or 05 $30.00 + HST

By the kiln 27” wide (up to 25” in height):Greenware to Bisque Cone 04 or 05 $65.00 + HST

Please Note: An extra fee will apply for pieces needing glaze application. We reserve the right to turn away any firing.

Allow 7-10 days for pieces to be fired.

Important: If the firing of your items causes damage to the kiln or any other pieces, you will be responsible to cover the cost of all damages.

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