Here is our Children’s line up of Classes

We offer a variety of fun and exciting classes for kids and adults! At our studio, workshops will be held during four terms throughout the year: fall, winter, spring, and summer. Each class is taught by one of our experienced pottery instructors. Tools, clay, and glazes are included in the price for each workshop and class. Course offerings, descriptions, and prices are subject to change between each term.

4 Week Term

Kids Learn to Draw and Paint Class

Ages 6-13

4 weeks
3:30 pm to 5 pm (1 1/2-hour class)
8 Weeks – Mondays 3:30 pm to 5 pm


4 Weeks – Tuesdays 3:30 pm to 5 pm

Term price $249.00*

In this class students will learn the basic principles of drawing. They will learn how to hold a pencil properly, how to sketch, as well as the different kinds of techniques used for shading, smudging and coloring. In addition they will learn the basic principles of painting on paper and canvas. They will learn primary colours, how to mix them to obtain different shades, how to hold a brush properly, and the different types of paints for canvas or paper to obtain a colourful impact. In addition they will learn how to implement different techniques depending on the effect they are trying to achieve.

Kids Pottery Classes at Creations Art & Pottery Studio

All kid’s programs will be held at our ceramic studio in the Beaches with an experienced instructor. The materials and kiln firings are included in the price of each workshop unless otherwise stated. Please allow up to one week for us to fire and package the artwork!

4 Week Term

Kids Handbuilding and Clay Workshop

Ages 6-12

Tuesdays 5:15 – 6:45 pm

Term price $230

In this class, students will learn the basic principles of working with clay. They will learn how to make shapes, how to attach clay together, as well as tools for sculpting, sanding and finally painting each sculpture. Students will also have access to a set of different colourful glazes to decorate their artwork
4 Week Term

Teen Handbuilding and Wheel Workshop

Ages 13+

Mondays 5:15 – 6:45 pm
Term price $260

In this 4-week workshop, students will learn the fundamental skills of creating pottery on the wheel and hand building! With the guidance of our pottery instructor, students can expect to make larger objects such as vases, bowls, mugs, and other fun objects. This workshop includes classes for students to paint and decorate their work. Students will dabble in all things clay! They will be hand building projects with clay and learning proper use of sculpting tools while following the art styles of some of the most famous artist

4 Week Term

Mixed Media Class

Ages 6-13

Wednesday 5:15 -6:45 pm (1 1/2 hour class)

Term price $260

Explore art using many different materials such as paint, canvas, paper mache, Styrofoam, wood, paper, beads and many more. These often 3D type art projects use several of these mediums and techniques to create a masterpiece! You will also be working with plaster, 2D and 3D sculptures, color mixing patterns, textures and more.

4 Week Term

Girls Only Class

Ages 6-13

Wednesday 3:30pm to 5:00pm (1 1/2 hour class)

Term price $230.00*

One of our most popular classes! Look out Martha Stewart! We’ve got girl projects to inspire the creative diva in you. This class is truly like our slogan “Learning Art Through Fun!” Previous classes have included lamps, memo boards, vases, tiled night stands and many more.

All You Can Paint Session​

All ages

Sitting fee $20 

Max 3 pieces per session

We have a large selection of paint your own pottery pieces from decorative pieces for your garden to functional ceramics for everyday use or for special occasions.

This session is suitable for both kids and adults. We’ll provide glazes and brushes. You can paint pottery pieces from our collection. We will fire your pieces. If you wish to take your pottery home, we deduct the sitting fee of $ 20 from the price of the ceramic.

Limited time only. Inquire now.

PRICES don’t include HST.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
We have three fabulous terms of classes to choose from. Also, if you select a class in each term, we’ll throw in a 10% discount, that’s an average savings of over $65.00!

The terms are:
Fall Term – 4 weeks
Winter Term – 4 weeks
Spring Term – 4 weeks
Summer Term- 4 weeks

There is a $50.00 deposit per child per term to hold the child’s spot. The full term payment is due on the first day of class.